Quang Khoi Engineering Trading Company Limited with a foundation built on a high-quality technical team specializing in-depth expertise from the University of Technology (Đại học Bách Khoa) and the Military Technical Academy (Học viện Kỹ thuật Quân sự), coupled with modern equipment and extensive experience in the fields of system design, automation, CNC mechanical processing, and metal plating, we aim to deliver the highest satisfaction to our customers in terms of product quality and professionalism in consulting services, machine design and manufacturing, production line improvement, production management systems, electrical cabinet system design and installation, environmental treatment, metal plating, installation, and technology transfer for plating lines.

Field of activity

  • CNC mechanical processing
  • Wastewater treatment, air pollution control, environmental consulting
  • Custom design and manufacturing of machinery and industrial equipment
  • Industrial image processing
  • Manufacturing management software Scada, IoT
  • Design and manufacturing of AGV
  • Application of Robots in manufacturing
  • Improving production lines to enhance productivity
  • Designing, installing production lines
  • PLC programming according to requirements
  • Designing, constructing electrical cabinets, and low to medium voltage electrical systems
  • Training, technology transfer
  • Design and manufacturing of equipment for the brick, cement, wood industry…
  • Design, manufacture, and transfer of plating lines

Highlighted products

  • Frame filter press
  • Badminton shuttlecock machine
  • Badminton shuttlecock sewing machine
  • Product sorting machine
  • Industrial conveyor belt
  • Payload capacity
  • Conveyor belt weighing system
  • Tunnel kiln brick production line
  • Autonomous vehicle AGV, AMR
  • Automatic strapping machine
  • Construction steel bending machine
  • Fire Protection Equipment
  • Precision mechanical machining
  • Metal plating
  • Industrial tanks and reservoirs
  • Hydraulic lift table system